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Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Danielle. I am a registered Nurse and Midwife. I have been a Midwife now for 8+ years, beginning my career at a large hospital (James Cook University Hospital), where I gained lots of experience and skills on their busy Delivery Suite as well as on the low Dependency Midwife led Unit. More recently I moved to a smaller trust (Scarborough) to join a team providing Continuity of Carer throughout the whole of the Antenatal, Intrapartum and Postnatal period.

I am very passionate about empowering women to gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions around their care throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. I love Homebirth and also in caring for you all as a family through the Postnatal period. I am experienced in Infant feeding and Breastfeeding support and can help with any of those early days position and attachment issues. As part of our care packages we ensure antenatal education in all these areas leaves you feeling more knowledgeable and well prepared for your new arrival.

I joined forces with Sam around 2 years ago as I felt that working in this way allowed us the time, flexibility and freedom to spend with women that we may not otherwise get within the NHS. Educating, Advocating and Promoting Normality are key aspects to my practice.

I also have qualifications in Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, including Holistic Pregnancy Massages, which we provide as part of our packages of care. Aromatherapy can provide relief for pregnancy conditions such as back pain, oedema, carpel tunnel and anxiety to name a few, as well as being wonderfully relaxing for both mum and baby.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you. xx

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