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?Why would I pay for a service that I can access for Free

My husband and I asked ourselves the very same question when we

discovered we were pregnant with our 2nd child. After patchy care, lots of different midwives that never really got to know ME, and what I can only describe as a fairly traumatic 1st birth (not what I hoped for becoming a new mum and introducing my baby to the world). We both knew we wanted/needed something different this time, then we met Sam and Danielle. Speaking at the end of our amazing 2nd pregnancy journey, we can unequivocally and unreservedly say that their service is worth every single penny and there is absolutely no comparison between what they provide and the one you can access through the NHS.


The Complete Gold Package

Care from early Pregnancy, Including Birth, and up until your baby is 4 weeks old, depending on individual needs

Investment £6595

Private Midwifery Care provided by Us, Tailored and Individualised just for You.

Appointments in your own home, at times chosen to work around you and your partner/family. Taking as long as you need to carry out all the necessary checks for you and baby as well as talk through anything and everything!

From your early booking appointment where we will take time to get to know you, take a thorough history, obtain any blood and urine samples that you are happy to consent to, arrange any Ultrasound scans you might want and discuss all pregnancy information and advice, we then plan a package of care around you.


This is not a one size fits all service!

We aim to see you on average every 4 weeks from booking up until 28 weeks, then more frequently as you approach the end of your pregnancy and prepare for birth. If you need additional appointments- No Problem. You're in charge and we will be available for any of your concerns throughout.

On call service included 24:7 from when you become 37 weeks pregnant for labour advice, assessment and support at home. Choice to then either remain at home with safe, experienced home birth care or transfer to your chosen Hospital for support both in Vaginal or Caesarean Birth.

Following the birth of your baby, individualised and extensive Postnatal care and infant feeding support to assist you with all your needs, allowing you the time to rest, bond and enjoy this time as a family.

Includes the Paediatric New born Examination (NIPE including checking Heart, Eyes, Hips, Testes), the NBBS ('Heel Prick/baby blood spot test) and regular weights and checks, all in your own home.


The Smaller Silver Birth Package

Investment £4995

A smaller Birth package created specifically for those who have accessed NHS Midwifery care already in pregnancy but wish to transfer to us for that extra special care and to either ensure their Homebirth choices are supported and provided (no cancelling the service just when you get to the end!), or to ensure evidence based support to birth in a hospital environment in the most positive way for you. 

Care Commencing from after 34 weeks (must have accessed antenatal care elsewhere prior to this). Includes all as above (+ Holistic Therapies, Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing, Infant feeding and colostrum harvesting).

Full Indemnity Birth Insurance, On call service 24:7 from 37 weeks pregnant for labour advice, assessment and support at home for birth or in Hospital.

Followed by 10-14 days of Postnatal Care to include feeding support, Paediatric Newborn Examination (NIPE including checking Heart, Eyes, Hips, Testes), the NBBS ('Heel Prick/baby blood spot test) at day 5, plus all weights and checks all in the comfort of your home.


The Antenatal and Postnatal Package

Investment £3450

As above but without the Labour and Birth Care element.

If you feel that comprehensive Continuity of care that you receive throughout the Antenatal and Postnatal period is really important to you, but you are happy to attend your chosen hospital for labour and birth care with the hospital staff then this is the package for you.

Care commencing from early Pregnancy and up to 4 weeks Postnatal, with lots of Education, Prep and TLC, to help you prepare for a positive Birth and have a supported, enjoyable Postnatal period. 


These packages Includes full Indemnity Insurance Fees, all Birth Prep/Antenatal Education, Breathing techniques for labour, Optimising Fetal Position through Biomechanics, Hypnobirthing Tuition, Colostrum Harvesting and infant feeding teaching, Aromatherapy massage and a Reflexology Treatment to facilitate labour and help avoid Induction/Intervention.

(All Packages Can be paid Monthly Interest Free over the duration of your pregnancy)

Option to add on additional individual Postnatal visits or week long packages as required

(Price Breakdown for these packages includes £200 per month Indemnity Insurance fees providing robust and comprehensive insurance cover for you and your baby throughout the whole duration of your pregnancy and postnatal care. Additional fee of £2000 per birth/per woman if you book for one of our Birth packages of care, all Midwife fees and equipment, 2nd Midwife cover fees, Hypnobirthing and Antenatal classes and all Holistic Treatments. *Subject to additional travel expenses charged at 40p per mile)

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