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Philosophy of Care 

The aim of our service is to ensure both women and their partners/families get the highest quality of care and support.

We provide Gold Standard Continuity, and all of our clients say they enjoy their pregnancy feeling safe, calm, extra special and listened to throughout.

Our packages will provide you not only with the very best care, but with increased knowledge and antenatal education around your changing body, growing baby and all the ways you can better prepare for a positive birth and beyond.

We offer Hypnobirthing tuition, Birth Preparation, Infant feeding education, Holistic treatments and Biomechanics for optimising fetal position, all as part of your care package.

We will help you feel confident at making evidence based, informed decisions that are right for you. So that you feel empowered, less anxious, and in complete control of your childbirth journey. (No Birth Trauma here!)


We provide a service that is very Personal, Individualised and Holistic, whether it be in a hospital setting or at home.

The choice is yours.

Choosing a package of care with us means you get Me, Danielle or Jane as your Midwife throughout. You won't see lots of different midwives who might not know you! We get to know each other really well and that's what makes this service so wonderful (so say all the women we work with). If you choose to have any NHS scans, hospital appointments, Obstetric Dr input we can arrange all this for you. Any routine tests that the NHS offer you still get the option to have, just the same, but facilitated by us, for both you and your baby. Your Maternity care will be in the comfort of your own home, with no time restrictions on your appointments, and plenty of time to chat! We will also be available for you via WhatsApp or messaging for routine questions and worries throughout the day, everyday.

We have full Indemnity Insurance to provide care throughout Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal via Private Midwives LTD. We are Registered with the NMC and CQC and complete robust regular training and updates to keep all our skills current.

Check out my Instagram Page @sam.welfordmidwife for lots of free tips, information and to read what our clients think of us 

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