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 Hypnobirthing and/or Birth Prep Courses


These sessions Include: Hypnobirthing, The Hormone response and how to maximise this, Breathing techniques for labour and birth, Birth Environment; all Birth Preparation including the stages of labour, Pain relief options and alternatives; Optimising Fetal positioning using Bio-mechanic techniques and how your pelvis works with the ligaments and muscles to support the uterus; Perineal massage, Induction of Labour, Raspberry Leaf Tea and information on lots of other little tips and advice; ongoing support from an experienced Practising Midwife.

Can also be tailored for Elective CS Births, and can also add on Infant feeding and those 1st few weeks with a new baby.

Everything you need to prepare for a Positive Birth experience.

Includes refreshments, Information Leaflets and much more to take away. 

Reflexology for Pregnancy, Labour & Birth


" Basically a pretty amazing and very relaxing foot massage! But with the added benefit of targeting very specific points that lead to me having the most amazing and quick labour and birth with my 1st  baby"


Research studies show that Regular Reflexology in Pregnancy can significantly Reduce Discomfort in Labour, Reduce Length of the 1st and 2nd Stages of labour, Assist in improving the chance of Labouring Spontaneously avoiding Induction of Labour. Also effective throughout pregnancy for Relaxation, Reducing Stress, Boosting Energy levels, Morning Sickness, Constipation, Headaches, Balancing Hormones, Improves Circulation, SPD and Pelvic Girdle Pain 

Reflexology for Fertility, Hormone Balance, Prenatal Preparation and The Menopause


An amazing Treatment for Balancing Hormones, clearing any tension or build up that is effecting your body functioning optimally.

Birth Debrief


How soon do you feel ready to talk through your Birth Story?

Birth Trauma can be really crap, and stays with you forever. Understanding what happened and being able to acknowledge why it happened and what could have been different helps to then make it easier to deal with and move past.

It also helps you prepare for any future pregnancies and births in a positive way

Often women choose to come to mine, we take our time talking through everything and understanding how your labour and birth unfolded and why. If you have notes from your care then great we can go through them, if not it doesn’t matter. We can make some points that you might feel you want to address, things you can do to change your birth experience next time.

Then we finish off the appointment with an Aromatherapy Reflexology Treatment to help rebalance and clear any left over negative emotions from Birth.

If you prefer, and you don’t want the Treatment, I can come to yours for the Debrief in your home.

Moxibustion for Turning a Breech Baby


Holistic Therapy to encourage the gentle rotation of a breech baby to head down. Treatment includes a thorough assessment and review of your maternity notes and scan reports, Moxibustion tuition with a chosen birth partner, the kit to take home and ongoing midwifery support.

My last stats data shows that this treatment is successful at turning baby and helping you avoid a Caesarean Birth 74% of the time (current hospital stats of a successful ECV are 50%)

Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated plant oils which have known properties to help aid relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety and help relieve pain. Pregnancy can be a time that brings much joy but also much stress and worry. Aromatherapy massage can help to reduce your level of stress and anxiety by increasing that very important hormone oxytocin and at the same time reducing your level of stress hormone. Making mum and baby relaxed and calm.

As your baby grows you may notice general aches and pains throughout your body. Aromatherapy massage can help to relieve them, firstly by using oils that have known analgesics properties such as black pepper while the use of massage is well known to increases oxytocin, endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever) and reduce your level of stress hormone.

An aromatherapy treatment involves consultation, treatment and a blended oil to take home with you to use in-between treatments.

Treatments and prices:

Aromatherapy full body massage: £50

Aromatherapy post-dates massage: £50 (38+ weeks gestation)

Aromatherapy back massage: £30

Aromatherapy hand and foot massage with soak £30

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